Feeling at home from a terrace overlooking San Gimignano: discovering the charming country resort Casale del Cotone

If you’ve been looking for hotel accommodation that has a homely feel to it, try Casale Del Cotone, Tuscany. Set in the countryside, the endearing bed and breakfast will simply offer you and your loved ones a memorable vacation.

Reasons why you’ll love staying at Casale Del Cotone: facilities and amenities

1. Location and Panorama

Amidst acres of olive trees and, vineyards, the country resort has scenic and peaceful views that will be a breath of fresh air. The location is great for unwinding from your usual busy and hectic life. After all, a vacation is time for you to relax right?

You will love waking up to a tantalizing breakfast in a terrace that overlooks the beautiful town of San Gimignano.

Also, the bed and breakfast is just 2.5 kilometers away from the medieval town of San Gimignano. This village got its reputation from its many towers that create a unique skyline on the Tuscan hills.
San Gimignano is a popular tourist destination and has excellent activities to try like:

Casale Del Cotone is accessible by car, and so are the surrounding areas, so you don’t have to worry about transportation.

2. Gentle and friendly staff

You will simply fall in love with the world class service that the resort’s staff has to offer. The staff is not only charming but is also helpful with anything that you might need throughout your stay there.

Meeting the hotel’s owner, Alessandro is a delightful experience because he instantly makes you feel like you’re part of the family. Unlike most hoteliers, Alessandro is at the forefront of the hotel’s activities and will welcome you warmly to his hotel, offering topnotch hosting.

3. Tuscan dinners and Cuisine

Alessandro and his team prepare tasty Italian dishes that most foodies rate highly. If you prefer gluten-free food or if you’re allergic to dairy, count on the chef to make what you want for you.

Expect special dinners every two to three days. The highlight of the day is eating dinner as you watch the sunset on the terrace. If you love drinking wine, you can also sip on some good Chianti wine paired with your dinner.

4.Swimming pool

After a long day exploring the surrounding areas on a bike or car, the swimming pool at the resort will be a welcome asset.

This relaxing pool is clean, and you and your entire family will just love it here.

5. Rooms

The hotel staff takes time to clean the rooms until they’re squeaky clean. Aside from this, the rooms are also spacious and tidy. If you love great views, you will fall in love with this country house because the rooms overlook the scenic Tuscan Hills.

If you’ve been disappointed by low water pressure that is common in many countryside resorts, you won’t experience that here. The bathrooms are spacious, and the water pressure is something to write home about because it’s just great.


There are not enough words to describe the picturesque country resort because it is more beautiful than it appears in pictures. You need to visit Casale del Cotone for a first-hand experience the next time you happen to be in Italy.

You will love everything from the professional, courteous and friendly staff, plenty of activities to do not forgetting the scenic and relaxing ambiance.

Martelli's Country Resort San Gimignano
Bed & Breakfast Siena Tuscany Italy
Loc. Il Cotone, 59 - "Cellole" - 53037 San Gimignano (Siena) Tuscany Italy
Tel. & Fax +39 0577 943236 - Cell. +39 392 1705344
E-mail info@casaledelcotone.com

Casale del Cotone
Year 2018 celebrate 23th anniversary of activity

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